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Supporting a wildlife shelter

Wild animals are 
in need of rescue

MacPaw Foundation's work is not just about helping people and doing cool projects for the city, it is also about helping animals. And not just the little cute ones like cats and dogs. Unfortunately, many wild animals today are in need
of rescue and rehabilitation. Especially those saved from circuses, zoos, and baiting stations.

There is a shelter in Ukraine for these animals. The beasts are brought here after being mistreated, injured, or sick. The shelter provides medical help and rehabilitation to its tenants. Some of them are there only temporarily and can later be released into the wild. For example, recently two bears moved to Romania and two lionesses returned to their natural habitat in Africa. Other animals, however, would not do well in the wild because of their injuries. They stay at the shelter, and the staff do their best to provide adequate care and conditions.
Supporting a wildlife shelter

We want to help the animals feel comfortable too. In the past, we supported the renovation of the enclosures and bought infrared lights to keep the animals warm. We also purchased a freezer for the shelter. A balanced diet is crucial for the animals’ well-being, and big cats eat a lot of fresh meat. So the freezer helps with the food supply storage, which can be tricky, especially in the summer.

It is sad to see that these animals suffer from human activities instead of living their happy lives in their native environment. But we are glad that there are people and organizations who right these wrongs. We support their work and hope that it brings a better future – without animal cruelty, where animals would live in the wild, and not in zoos and circuses.
Supporting a wildlife shelter
Supporting a wildlife shelterSupporting a wildlife shelterSupporting a wildlife shelter
Supporting a wildlife shelter

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