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Lighting up the city

St. Nicholas Catholic Church illumination

Empire State Building, Edinburgh Castle, the London Eye, and now St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Church in Kyiv. What do these architectural landmarks have in common? They all have illumination designed by the same company, Philips Color Kinetics. Can you guess which one of these buildings got their illumination through MacPaw’s efforts?

That would be the St. Nicholas Catholic Church, of course. It is a small but beautiful gothic cathedral right across the street from our office. Its construction took place in 1899-1909, and now it is the second oldest standing catholic church in the capital. Today the church premises are also home to the National Organ and Chamber Music Hall of Ukraine.

Our colleagues get to admire the church’s architecture every day. However, many passers-by overlook it because of its frail state. That’s why we decided to make something special for this landmark so that the city dwellers and tourists would notice and appreciate it more.

The illumination initiative started in 2018 and took us a whole year, from collecting information and advocating for the changes to setting up the lights. The project was also backed by Ring Ukraine, SD Capital, and Toronto-Kyiv Complex and executed by Expolight. Now these lights bring the public’s attention to the building and accentuate its architectural features without damaging the facade.

The whole illumination system is extremely energy efficient. Itʼs hard to believe, but it uses 1.5 times less electricity than an electric kettle. The lights are controlled by the app and turn on automatically when it gets dark. The colors and intensity can be adjusted through the app.
Lighting up the city

When the illumination changes colors?

Though most of the time the church is illuminated in white, there are special occasions when the colors are changed. For example:
The combination of white and red colors decorated the church for the Doctors are our heroes campaign in April 2020. The campaign aimed 
to bring society’s attention to the work of doctors during the Covid-19 pandemic and to encourage people to support their work through donations. The campaign was organized by Expolight in Kyiv, Odesa, 
and Dnipro.
Lighting up the city
Another Expolight campaign was dedicated to Rare Disease Day in February 2021. Five percent of Ukraine’s population have rare (orphan) diseases – conditions occurring in no more than 1 in 2000 people. The St. Nicholas Catholic Church was one of the 17 famous buildings in different cities to join in.
Lighting up the city
In June 2021, the church changed its colors to red to mark World Blood Donor Day. We implemented this project together with DonorUA to thank the blood donors for their contribution and encourage more people to donate blood regularly.
Lighting up the city
For Ukraine’s Independence Day in August 2021, we changed the colors to blue and yellow – the colors of the Ukrainian flag.
Lighting up the city
Illuminating famous buildings is a common practice in different parts of the world. Such a makeover can help you see something familiar from a new point of view. For MacPaw, this project was among the ten projects we carried out to celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary. We are happy that we could give this present to our favorite city and are grateful to everybody who made this possible!
Lighting up the cityLighting up the city

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Lighting up the city
Empire State Building, Edinburgh Castle, the London Eye, and now St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Church in Kyiv. What do these architectural landmarks have in common? They all have illumination designed by the same company, Philips Color Kinetics.
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