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Fomin Botanical Gardens

We love finding those hidden gems of parks and gardens in Kyiv, and we want to help preserve them and make them comfortable for all. That’s why we supported the renovation of the Fomin Botanical Gardens. The gardens are among the oldest in Ukraine. They were founded in 1839. It is a great location that can become even better with some extra care and a bit of repair work.

The renovation included paving the walkways to improve drainage, replacing worn-out curb stones in the flower beds, reconstructing the stairs, and fixing the retaining wall. We love how it all turned out! And we hope, that Kyiv residents enjoy the botanical gardens as much as we do.
‍Busy life in modern cities often leaves us no time to relax and enjoy nature. When we do have the time, it turns out that the city does not have that many green areas to choose from. And the ones that are there could use some work.
Gardens and recreationGardens and recreation
Gardens and recreation


Another great location is SamoSad. The name means “self-garden” in Ukrainian. In contrast to the Fomin Botanical Gardens, this green area is one of the newest in Kyiv. It was founded in 2015 when a group of locals came together to clean up a small neglected piece of land in the city center. They turned it into a public space and a nice quiet place for people of all ages. It has benches, a stage, a playground, lots of greenery, and even an urban garden.

SamoSad was created by the community and for the community. We are glad we could make a small contribution – a new lawn for the space and some lights to make it cozy in the evenings. SamoSad brings people together for pleasant pastimes and different events: educational, charity, etc. 
You should visit it next time you are in Kyiv!
Gardens and recreationGardens and recreation

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