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Striving for comfort is a natural state for every human being. While some aspects of comfort are universal, others may be less obvious to the general public. For example, when it comes to accessibility. It takes attentiveness and effort to design and create spaces that are welcoming and accommodating to everyone. We are glad that there are organizations in Ukraine bringing the public attention to this issue. And we are even more glad to support their work in the area.
Inclusion Forum


Dostupno.UA is one such organization and our long-term partner. It is an NGO that debunks myths concerning disabilities and promotes accessibility in Ukraine. They work on making public spaces more comfortable for people with disabilities as well as for anyone else who might need it.
Inclusion Forum

Inclusivity Forum

One of their projects is the annual Inclusivity Forum. It is an event for activists, business owners, government officials, and others interested in creating accessible space for everybody. Every year since 2017, they have been bringing people together to meet and discuss problems, possibilities, and future projects.

MacPaw provided support for the event and other Dostupno.UA activities in different years. For instance, in 2020, we provided sign language translation for the Inclusivity forum participants and guests. We hope to host the event at our MacPaw Space, but the pandemic disrupted these plans and moved the event online.
Inclusion ForumInclusion Forum

Open Doors awards ceremony

However, in 2021 we got the chance to host the Open Doors awards ceremony at MacPaw Space. It is the Academy Awards of Dostupno.UA – an award for businesses, public spaces, and initiatives that excel at ensuring accessibility for everyone. The winners' list already includes a restaurant, a supermarket chain, a festival, a local charity fair, a gas station chain, a cultural institution, and even a beach in Odesa.

It is great to have such platforms that can unite all those eager for change and ready for action. We at MacPaw hope that more and more companies will direct their efforts toward supporting and creating equal and accessible environments!
Inclusion ForumInclusion Forum
Inclusion Forum

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